Cradle of Life

The search for the wizards ring

Seeking a women named Summer the party encounters an ettin guarding a door, the ettin tells everyone to stop or it will smash them, but its other head tells itself to calm down and says to come forward.

The Ettin is guarding a door to a party, when asked to pass they are told they can enter
but only if they leave their weapons behind, as this is a regal party. The dumber part
of the ettin pair find the dog with the group amazing, allowing it into the party as well.
Wanting to pet the dog was to dangerous so Silke the owner of Hawk the dog, offered to let
him feed it, which resulted in him picking Silke up, by remaining come, she manages to get loose and calm hawk and the rest of the party down. The guard gets everyone’s names, and opens the door to let them in.

Walking through the door, on the long hallway, they appear at the end of the hallway in what seems automatically, losing all weapons and armor and clothes and being replaced with fancy party gear. Inside there is a Cyclops who is closing the door, detecting magic
Zyanya realizes there is great magic, godly level magic in this realm, to such a degree
its almost debilitating. Also realizing the parties magic is weakened significantly.

The room they are in is vast, like a giant palace/cathedral. Down the middle is a very big table, very well made and ordinated, Its a very beautiful dark wood with masterwork carvings and gold trimming. The wood is Dark wood (Mahogany). Silke Identifies it
to be incredibly durable and light. A very very rare wood. The surface of the table
is so large we can walk under it, a table meant for giants. Regal chairs are thrown lieing beside it. Voices and Chattering, musics the sounds of merriment and party.

An elf, who turns out to be a wisp a messenger of fae, leads us to the great magical source
zyanya has been detecting, A dwarf like creature dances on the table playing the flute, he has goat legs. Theres a druid who has bark skin, a large intimidating knight, his horse sitting beside him, the suit covered in ice, froze and icecycles. His helm a skull.

Many disfigured and disgustingly frightening creatures, while the other half is the most beautiful creatures you could imagine, at the end of the table theres 4 creatures, very humanoid, a Tall man in a blue and dark, white robe, a crown of ice and a stern beard.
Next to him a young boy, the average age of 11 or so, sitting on on pillows to reach the table, hes in light green, yellow and red robe, with a crown made of wheat and grains.
The most beautiful lady in the party sits beside the boy, tall and regal, in a shimmering multicolored dress, that seems to shift as she moves, her crown is made tree branches, that
appear to be growing apples and pears. The last lady is dark, and foreboding, with dead leaves and red clothes.

Zyanya identifies the magic, its from the north, its rare in this land.. Its what known as (Fae:Wild Nature) magic, These fae are a reincarnation of human kind, they all relate to the
mortal world, the material plan, varying powers while not gods, they can be as strong as gods, or as weak as nothing. You must respect the rules and the laws. Do not drink the wine. Zyanya noticing the wine is bad to drink warns the party, they relent from its appetizing look, it turns out the wine is pure magic, and drinking pure magic can be dangerous.

The party was for the Prince of Spring, and gifts were given to him as offerings for this party. He seemed overjoyed with each one. In particular with our essence?? Could it mean something?

Realizing that Summer one of the 4 lords of the party has the ring we are after, we challenge her. This apparently means we challenge all 4, so we have to offer a wage each.
They offer, the Ring, New Life, A poem, and Jar of Storm.
The party offers: Nikolai: Offers Himself, Silke/Sekai offers Lute, Takamaru offers his
canteen of infinite water, and Anka offers herself but is pulled away by Zyanya, who instead
offers her Magic. Anka slightly objects but Autumn has a great interest in Zyanya’s magic and jumps at that bargain locking the deal in place.

The first challenge is a race, the second a challenge to make one of the laugh,
and the third a test of wits with riddles. Because the party got 3 out of 4, they win the challenge never even hearing what the fourth challenge is.

During the game Silke drinks from the wine which Zyanya warned them not to, while feeling
refreshed she doesn’t want to leave the party and is a bit drunkish. So Zyanya after talking to Autumn about why she wanted her power, proceeds to leviate Silke and pull her through the air a she complains leaving the party all together.

Once outside all of our gear is returned, and we proceed onward.


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